Tapestry weaver...

I have been weaving since 1984 when I graduated with a Certificate of Art (Weaving) from SW TAFE, Warrnambool. 

My weavings are like a personal history as my life experiences inspire the designs. 

My tapestries are often colourful and depict the native flora, fauna and landscapes of my environment. More recently patterns and pavements have been of particular interest. 

From 1985 to 1990 I worked full time at the ATW (Australian Tapestry Workshop) and since then been employed on a project by project basis. 

I have always found my studio to be a space of grounding benefit as tapestry weaving is like meditation for me. 

I weave both large scale and miniature tapestries and have held seven solo exhibitions. I have been involved in a variety of community tapestries and have been included in many group shows.

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